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by Wyshmaster Beats

March 13, 2019

Looking to expand your horizons with music and writing? Challenge yourself to 90 days of writing lyrics and/or music!  One a day, for 90 days, to improve your techniques and stretch your creativity.

Some say that a good habit forms in twenty-one days. While others agree that it takes sixty-six days. With 90 days, you have the power to succeed in self-discipline to make it work for you. Pace yourself and stay focused on your goal ahead of you. You may be surprised as to where your 90-day challenge takes you.

No Treble Here

To begin your 90 days of successful writing, you should have something on hand to compose on. Whether it be a music journal, computer, or a sheets of notebook paper. Something that you can use to see your progression.

Start by working on a smaller piece. If you feel motivated to keep going, for that day, then do it! You are making your own rules. Remember to pace yourself.

In this stage, writing songs and/or lyrics may come easy to you. There may be some difficulties, but nothing to troublesome. Everything flows together, and each day gets you pumped for the next. You feel unstoppable and highly motivated.

Pick Up Your Beat

The first thirty days are complete, and you may feel a bit hazy. Ideas may not come as easy as they did for the first third of the challenge. Do not give up! Keep writing once, per day.

There may be obstacles thrown in the way, distracting you along your path. Days where you may not feel inspired, but you must look around for motivation. Set a designated time limit, preventing you from distracting yourself, and browse on social media outlets to spark the creative flow.

Write through the block and acknowledge that you have made it through the day. Take pride in not giving up! Imagine the feeling of being at the end of this challenge. Reflect on where this challenge can take you. What you write today, can be transformed into an amazing piece down the road.

Bask in the Melody

The final days vastly approach, and what do you have to show for it? A compilation of entries that you were able to put onto paper or in your computer! Think about it. Just weeks before, and you did not have this group of writings within your reach. It was in you all along, but never displayed on a physical format.

Stay humble and be grateful for your talent. Remain focused on where you want to go, in the world of music. Do not let distractions, or negativity, sway you from your goal.

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