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Rhythm in Style: Wyshmaster Beats

by Wyshmaster Beats

April 18, 2019

Our business is music, and it’s a business we know well. At Wyshmaster Beats, we’re excited about offering aspiring musicians and artists ways to get creative and build their sound narratives with the resources available on our website. We have the beats! And we’re not shy about it.

Today’s music industry relies on rhythm in a big way. Top music journalism sources are all talking about how beats rule the studio.

They’re not just background – lots of new hot tracks are written on the back of a good beat. Many of our modern genres are just a lot more rhythm-intensive than what came before, including the synth and glam rock era of the 1980s, and the guitar-heavy grunge movement that Gen Xers remember from high school.

Getting the Right Beat

Getting the right beat is a complex recipe. On one hand, it involves getting the right production value and crispness and clearness of sound. Mixes need to be adequate to allow the track to sound professional and achieve a level of quality. This involves a good deal of audio engineering. It’s not as easy as just inputting the sound that you want and walking away. There’s a craft and a method to beat production that is mostly the province of experienced beat-masters.

Superior beats also need the right mix of sounds. While some retro style or simple projects can work with old synth digital sounds or other low-production low-fi results, modern projects often require beat sounds that are carefully crafted and curated for maximum appeal.

At Wyshmaster Beats, we know what it means to source good audio tracks. We understand the process of audio production, and how it has evolved over the last decade. You can hear it in every beat, in every track. It’s in the products of the music industry as a whole, and it’s audible in any sound project.

Buying or Leasing Beats

With our flexible accounts, members can buy beats, or lease them for a certain period of time. The versatility of this arrangement allows customers to get what they need without getting sucked into an expensive contract.

Go to our FAQ to see more about how this works, and how to get beats from a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling producer. Good access to quality beats is our core business, and we understand that access makes a difference. Overly complex processes are discouraging, and really throw a wrench in the creative and productive process.

Skip the hassles and get what you need from Wyshmaster Beats – check out our web site to hear some of these high quality beats, with our audio tags thrown in. We can take these out later at purchase. Give it a listen and you will see how we supply new up and coming artists with sound tools that give them the ability to contribute to their genres and create great songs!