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Beat Options with Wyshmaster Beats

by Wyshmaster Beats

May 28, 2019

At Wyshmaster Beats, we take pride in offering recording artists and others an excellent selection of rhythm and beat options. We know sound! And it shows. Our beats are compelling and well-crafted additions to a vocal or audio project.

We offer beats from a Grammy-nominated producer, along with various options that our customers can choose to outfit their tracks and produce high-quality results.

Wyshmaster Leased Beats

Our leased beat system is pretty unique.

Customers can choose to utilize a particular set of beats for a given set of uses in an “on-demand” model so that you get just what you need. Rather than just signing blanket rights for a broad catalog, we produce these particular packages to help our customers save money and to make the process of sourcing beats more efficient.

Exclusive Beats

Another option is to pay a lump sum for an exclusive beat that will be yours to use exclusively.

Some of our higher profile artists use this process to create new tracks where they can be sure that they won’t have any copycatting going on. The exclusive beats will become the proprietary property of the customer – like the classical prodigies of older times produced “commissioned” works … think of the exclusive beat as a work that is commissioned for an individual client. Beats are essentially made for one particular customer only – and that’s important when customers want to produce original content. An exclusive beat is a safeguard when it comes to ensuring proprietary results, and we work closely with producers and others to make sure that they get what they need.

Free Beats

We also offer limited sets of free beats for those who don’t want to get involved in the cost or complexity of a beat lease or beat purchase contract.

This is a very useful option for some of our artists who just need some sort of rhythm for an informal project or for a limited length of time.

“Where else can you get free beats from a Grammy-nominated producer?” asks recording artist and engineer Philly Phil. In addition, Wyshmaster Beats has worked with a range of artists including Pitbull, Nelly, and Rick Ross.

You can find all of this and more at our innovative website that shows how we’re dedicated to supporting recording artists and producers with high-quality beats and rhythmic track material. The recording world has gone quickly from an old tape-based system to new digital venues where composition and track creation is easier than ever – but quality still counts, and without a good backing rhythm, getting the right result can be frustrating and confounding. Come to Wyshmaster Beats online to answer any questions about what we offer and to get a better idea of how this unique service works.