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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Professional Beats Online

by Wyshmaster Beats

August 23, 2019

Music is a fundamental part of creative expression, which is why choosing the right background beat is important in movies, plays, music, video games, and more. From your favorite song to classic movie scenes, background music is an integral part of the experience. If you want your music or video production to have the greatest impact, you need to use the best beats and background music. The internet has made it easier than ever for everyday creators to access the same high-quality background music that celebrities use in their production. Here are four reasons why should buy professional beats online from

Professional-Quality Background Beats

The quality of the music in your song or video will affect the way people remember your content. Many songs with great lyrics failed to catch on because the artist didn’t have a good background track. On the flip side, many songs have risen up the charts thanks to a catchy beat. If you use poor-quality background music, people can tell, and it hurts the quality of the overall presentation. There’s a reason why those free beats online are free. If you want to take your music and content to the next level, you should buy beats from Our music is from the grammy-award winning producer Wyshmaster. He has worked with stars like Pitbull, Nelly, Rockstar Games, and more. You can have the same quality music for your song, video, or game.

Affordable Pricing

Getting high-quality, professional background music isn’t as expensive as many would suggest. Our affordable pricing is one of the reasons why is the number one site for buying beats online. You can get hip hop, rap, and pop beats for as little as $25 per beat. Our pricing varies by the intended use of the music, but in any situation, investing in music that increases the production value of your content will help you succeed. We even have some free downloads with lower quality mp3 files that can be used for nonprofit purposes.

Exclusive Tracks

One of the issues with the free background music you find on websites is that it’s not exclusive. If you watch enough YouTube videos, you’ll notice that many channels have the same background music. If you want your music or video to stand out, you should use high-quality music tracks that are exclusive to your content. offers exclusivity rights where an artist can purchase a track from our site we’ll remove it from our catalog. The exclusivity rights come with unlimited use for sales, streams, and performances. Exclusivity rights for the beats you use is perfect for when you want people to only associate music with your work, like the intro theme for a show.

All Rights for Various Uses Included in Price

Creating content involves more legal considerations than people realize. If creators aren’t paying attention, they may find themselves in a situation where they don’t have all of the rights needed for the music they use. When you buy music from, you get a contract that clearly states your rights to the song and the ways it can be used. Each track comes with rights for video streaming on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, audio streaming rights for services like Spotify, and limited distribution rights.

If you’re ready to take your music and content to the next level, you need to get professional background tracks from We have a vast selection of hip hop, rap, pop, and country music beats that are perfect for any media project.