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Why you should go independent as a Music Artist

by Wyshmaster Beats

December 15, 2018

How to make it in the music industry without the help of a record label? This is a very important question when it comes to planning your independent music career. Whether you are a rap artist, singer, songwriter or any other profession in music, you need a plan. The very first thing is to create good music. What makes up great music? Great lyrics, an awesome beat and a great production! If you need help with this, find a good place to buy beats such as  My site is where you’ll find the perfect beats for your new song(s). There are all sorts of beats from Trap, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, and EDM and everything in-between. No matter what kind of beat it is that you want, you will find what you’re looking for. A beat/production can be made exclusively for you if you so wish.  Enough about my site and what I provide, lets dig in!


What are you good at? Can you write your own songs? The truth is that you will have to work with various people in the music industry. It is impossible to do all the work involved in making music alone. You need to create networks with the various people involved in the process of making music. At first it may be hard but within a short while you will find that you have a working network that will help you with everything from songwriting, production, engineers, to the promotions. We will not promise you that this process is not hectic but it is very satisfying and the results are much better than any label would achieve. With the right people supporting you, only the sky is the limit.

Record Label Free – Stress Free

A record label helps musicians with everything from production to distribution to marketing and promotions. They make the life of a musician easy and can develop an artist from nothing to a big name. Is that to mean that you need a record label to create a name for yourself in the music

industry? The surprising truth is that you do not actually need the services of a record label to make it big. Some of the big names that have made it independently are Macklemore, Ed Sheeran, Adele, The Weeknd, Tech N9ne, Chance the Rapper, and Bruno Mars to name a few. You can also join them and be an independent musician. Forget about the stresses of having to deal with record labels, their fees, mismanagement issues and make it on your own. The worst nightmare for musicians signed to record labels is waking up one morning and finding that the label has dropped you. This is actually more common that you think. Most record labels retain the right to drop artists at any time. This can be devastating if it does not finish your career totally.

Online Promotion

 With no music label to promote music on your behalf, it may be hard to have your music played. The best place to start this is online. Create your own website and engage your fans to increase your fan base. Remember to use social media as well and within no time your music will be playing all over. A good strategy is to make music that is so good that it has the ability to go viral.  There is a lot of leg work with running your own brand/business but the benefits far outweigh the alternative.  Once you get the hang of it, it will become natural and you will have more time to focus on your craft.

Believe in Yourself

 In order to make it as an independent musician without a record label is to make up your mind. Once you have your mind set everything will fall in its place. Remember to focus on quality beats/production such as and become the best independent artist you possibly can. Harness your full potential without anyone getting in your way.  At the end of the day, there is nobody out there that is going to believe in you, like YOU.